Logger & Singleton Pattern

Problem : How do you make an instance of an object globally available and guarantee that only one instance of the class is created? Per MSDN, to ensure that only a single instance of a class can exist, you must control the instantiation process. This implies that you need to prevent other objects from creatingContinue reading “Logger & Singleton Pattern”

Remove Duplicates from stack (?)

Well first off, stack is not for that ! I mean what is the point of having list / collection / etc vs stack as different data structures ? But if still if you want to do so you canĀ 


Below are some code snippets / recipes that I have had prepared for myself and I thought of sharing with ya’ll as a firs post in C# category. If you do not find one that you are looking for or want more, just drop me a request or comment below, I’d try to address theContinue reading “C#”