Below are some code snippets that I have prepared initially, if you do not find one that you are looking for, just [ drop me an E-mail ] or just a comment below would suffice. Also please note that a demo illustrated in SQL server should also work with MySQL & vice-versa. Example Description DownloadContinue reading “ASP.NET”

Repository Index

I am going to share all the code snippets that I have. At the moment, this page is being updated, every, single, day. You can download most of the archives from here, at once. C# Most posts in this section would be describing Mid to advanced level of features of C#, mainly as a consoleContinue reading “Repository Index”


Muttitasking is a myth, The only type of multi tasking I know is to think about a problem and then to sleep ! Many of the times I hear people talking, “I can multi task” well most of the times it actually is not it, but just “task switching”. You know it probably is 3:30Continue reading “Management”

What is the 2038 problem?

The Year 2000 problem is understood by most people these days because of the large amount of media attention it received. Most programs written in the C programming language are relatively immune to the Y2K problem, but suffer instead from the Year 2038 problem. This problem arises because most C programs use a library of routines calledContinue reading “What is the 2038 problem?”