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Below are some code snippets that I have prepared initially, if you do not find one that you are looking for, just drop me an E-mail or just a comment below would suffice.
Example Description Download
 FunctionObjectInvocation & ArgumentsArray zip
 Module Pattern zip
 Function Scopping zip
 CSSExclusions (Web) zip
 Input Validation zip
flexbox(Win App) In this new box model, the children of a box are laid out either horizontally or vertically, and unused space can be assigned to a particular child or distributed among the children by assignment of “flex” to the children that should expand. Nesting of these boxes (horizontal inside vertical, or vertical inside horizontal) can be used to build layouts in two dimensions. zip
 Dynamic Table Compute & Add Fibonacci Values To Table Dynamically zip
 Array Test
  • IE Browswer version # retrieval
  • LINQ like methods in JavaScript
  • Attaching array methods dynamically which are not supported in IE 8 / IE 9 etc
 CSS Selectors (Browser App)  Demonstrates that how can we use the CSS Selectors to style elements zip
  •  Manipulating controls using querySelectorAll & CSS selectors in JavaScript
  • Attaching CSS Classes on the fly usig JavaScript
Frozen Headers html table, scrollable but the headers remain frozen zip
Object Oriented JavaScript Programming
 1  Simple Example : Create Class, Constructor and implement Prototype functions, using self calling Anonymous functions  zip
 2  Up Next … Page + Sort + Filter data on client side using JavaScript

JavaScript Libraries

There are so many cool JavaScript out there, in addition to jQuery and jQuery UI !

Example Description Download
asd asd asd
Example Description Download
asd asd asd

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