Before you quit & follow passion

Often, people on social media advise quitting jobs and following one’s passion. I was exhilarated the first time I heard it, too! As the world is recovering from the lockdowns, 2021 has become the time of great resignation.

According to the United States Department of Labor, 2.7% of the US workforce quit in April 2021, the highest ever recorded at the time. Since then, that number has actually accelerated. 41% of workers across the globe are considering leaving their jobs. My career has been quite unconventional. I have precisely shaped my career subtly or the other times quite noticeably for almost the last 20 years now. I earned multiple degrees, including the Master’s degree, while working 60-80 hours per week!

In your next move, look for an opportunity, not a job.

– author

Here are my takeaways:

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How to communicate with an audience?

I strongly think that technical professionals’ ability to speak, write and the quality of idea (in that order) would be a significant factor in their success. So why is communication important? We live in an era of distractions, work from home, online conference meetings, etc. Humans have only one language processor. We do not know if everyone on the meeting across the wire implements rules of engagement as they would during an in-person discussion. Even during an in-person conversation, it is plausible for someone to be mentally absent.

The uniform code of military justice specifies court-martial for any officer who sends a soldier into battle without a weapon. Communication skills are nothing short of weapons for professionals.


If you go to conferences, I can almost guarantee that 9 out of 10 speakers would start their speech by saying “{Greetings} my name is {name} I am from {place} and this talk is about {topic}.” By repeating what you already know, the speaker is signaling you to catch up with emails on your laptop/phone or maybe make plans for your weekend. Second, “Umm … umm … aaah .. is the mic working? How much time have I got?” Not a great way to get uninterrupted attention from your audience.

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Employer Handbook 0

Often, we have an employee handbook. We never have one for employers, though. In this article, I try to share a boiler plate employer handbook.

  1. Always encourage craftsmanship, and hire people smarter than you.
  2. Employees don’t leave their companies. They leave their manager.
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How to deal with spammers?

So it finally happened. You went to a conference for your employer or visited a webinar or a website … somehow, you willingly and consciously shared your email address and/or phone – because they require you to “check-in.” Fast forward three months, and now you are getting phone calls after phone calls from their marketing and their newsletter, for which you never signed up! You can ever so politely say that you are not interested in their product and unsubscribe from their marketing emails on the phone call. These actions should be the end of it. What do you think?

No, they were just getting warmed up!

I started getting more and more imaginary “follow up” phone calls and then emails to schedule “appointments” with me & my manager to buy their product. Despite how many times I would unsubscribe from their emails, or I would tell them that I was not interested – on the phone, it did not stop. A new marketing associate would call me and then tell me that he/she did not know the conversation I had in the past with one of their own. This company kept cold calling me for a few months. Boy, they were persistent!

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Here’s the problem w/ YouTube API’s TOS

Thoughts on YouTube TOS (II. Prohibitions):

Who Moved My Cheese?


Muttitasking is a myth, The only type of multi tasking I know is to think about a problem and then to sleep ! Many of the times I hear people talking, “I can multi task” well most of the times it actually is not it, but just “task switching”. You know it probably is 3:30 pm and you’re so deep and concentrated on your task, coding, designing, reading, planning whatever may it be, and then all of a sudden your phone rings, if you notice carefully, you’re dumping the thought process of your current task and answering the call, ( chances are less that you’d continue “multi tasking” and you’d be doing both them well ! ) What could you’ve done ? You could’ve probably asked your phone to keep mum !

The way I start my day is I ask my self what N ( = 3 ) things I want to accomplish today ? Then visualize those things getting accomplished, just imagine, how good would I feel if these N things get done today. Then what I do ? Then, I accomplish them. Friends, I’ve seen people in my life where they do things and then hope for things to work out, hope is not a strategy ! Few other things I personally use as parameters, are effectiveness (peek a goal and get it — doing right thing) , efficiency ( doing things right way !)

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