Ablaze – My OS

“Ablaze Amalgam” – Be a part of “Ablaze OS”

  • Nip to wake up your machine
  • “Application Stack” : Office program suite, TalkToMe, Browser with No Add mode, reading mode etc.
  • TalkToMe : Advanced and sophisticated humanoid, that just does not just search the internet and respond, it is artificially intelligent to chat with you, reads out -news – Emails – notifications,  can suggest  ‘WhatToDo’s depending upon your day-to-day computer usage and can even detect your mood … and much more
  • Remote boot, reboot and shutdowns
  • Backdoor : See exactly what is going on behind the scenes of OS
  • “Spark” : Just like any other virtual machine set ups, try this OS in your Windows machine
  • Talk to your machine (Not just Voice commands) For Example say: Write a C program to compute fibonacci numbers up to N in C
  • Sync : Back up and synchronize all of your shortcuts, applications, application preferences and important documents, and enjoy the seamless experience among your all computers !
  • Next Release : “TalkToMe” to the next level, call your PC and instruct right from your phone, no matter where you’re ! Example : “Turn on the home A/C”, “Reply to an email from Lyndsey; Thanks I’ll look at it” etc.

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