UI Path Task Capture in 1 minute

What is it?

  1. Screenshot and documentation tool on Steroids.
  2. It can take a series of screenshots and generate documentation in Microsoft Word template.
  3. Just like Windows’ built-in Snip and Sketch or Snipping tool but, with Microsoft Paint & OCR capabilities.
  4. Installs locally, just like Snappy.
  5. This tool can spit out a skeleton for RPA developers.
  6. This is to RPA developer, what Gherkin/Cucumber is to a C#/Java developer.

Benefit hypothesis

  1. Target audience:
    • Agile: Business owners / Product owners
    • Waterfall: SME & BA
    • In short, those who need to create requirements for RPA developers.
  2. This way, instead of writing boring wordy SRS documents, RPA developers could be given bare bones skeleton of what is needed.


  1. Diagram Builder
    • To create the structure of your process and define the specific steps to perform it
  2. Sequence Builder
    • Shows a sequence of screenshots on the right hand side strip
    • Allows reordering
    • Segue to image editor for editing screen shots
    • Allows to annotate more actions
  3. Image Editor
    • Tools for text annotation, text formatting, image editing, etc. cosmetics


  1. Step recorder (inspector)
    • Takes screenshots and collects “smart data”
  2. From UI Path provided templates
    • Allows creating a sequence manually
  3. Open saved workflow (*.ssp, *.ssg)
    • These files could be versioned in git or TFS
    • Allows collaboration

Export and Publish

  1. Robot documentation in Microsoft Word (details)
    • Process template (customizable)
    • Color themes of the word document, other formatting could also be specified
  2. Ui Path Studio Document
    • allows to continue implementing and debugging robot in UI Path Studio


  1. Demo
  2. Official page

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