Screen Recording: Ubuntu

I have used CamStudio in Windows, and I am happy with it but, there are times when we have to make the most of what is available.This time, I needed to record screen-cast in Ubuntu.

# add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
# apt update
# apt install simplescreenrecorder

Despite of being simple, it has all essential features of CamStudio for Windows or QuickTime for macOS, and it recorded very good quality of audio and video! Making itself my new favorite screen recording application.

Earlier, I tried using VLC for screen capturing, because it helps me to avoid yet another software program on my computer on my computer and, VLC also lets me choose file formats to save my recording to.

Here are the steps:

Custom VLC Profile

VLC gives different presets, but you can also create a profile which you would prefer to use. Here is the custom YouTube profile I use with 29 frames/second:

Capture Mouse Pointer:

Tools –> Preferences –> Show settings = All –> Input / Codecs –> Access Modules –> Screen and you can set Follow the mouse option:

I still do not know if there is a way to capture a fixed region of the screen, or just a window on your screen, rather than the entire display (including multiple monitors). I might or might not be obsessive when it comes to creating videos, so if you are like me and plan to keep a transcript of what you are going to say or have typed something to save the audience’s time from watching you type, then it might be visible as well.

A simple workaround is, to use remote desktop, that way, you still can keep your transcript file handy on another computer you are on, and you can remotely access the computer where you actually want to record the screen.


  1. Open Broadcaster
  2. Cam Studio (Windows only)
  3. iSpring Free Cam (Windows only)
  4. Ezvid (Windows only)
  5. Snagit or Camtisa by Techsmith ($30 for education license)
  6. QuickTime Player
  7. Kaltura CaptureSpace™

Open Broadcaster, seems like a perfect alternative: free, open source & available on Windows, Linux and, Mac. Personally, I’d go for Open Broadcaster or VLC.



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