Getting Started: Python

I personally think that Visual Studio is the best IDE, and I spend most of my day in it. And I’d definitely by using Visual Studio as much as I can –  if you are on Windows, Visual Studio’s Python support is worth exploring.

I’d leave the choice up to you. Both IDE have free and paid options.

I think Visual Studio is an engineering marvel. If as much effort went into space travel as went into the design of this, we’d be on Mars by now.

That said if you  prefer to use PyCharm:

  • Please go to and get your free full blown tools offered by Jet Brains, with all bells and whistles.
  • Here are two YouTube video series if you want:

Getting Started with PyCharm:

PyCharm Video Demos:





If you want to use Visual Studio:


Personal Opinion:

I also like Jet Brains, the company behind some of my personal favorites : ReSharper ( for .NET ) & TeamCity ( Continuous Integration ). I find their IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm & Android Studio very slow on some computers.

I could’ve literally boil eggs on my laptop when compiling Android App in an Android Studio. On the same computer, Visual Studio worked flawless.


Other alternative is light weight editors:

Also, I use something called “Anaconda” (data sci. platform) on my machine :

Here are some GitHub tools :

Diff Tools for resolving conflicts

Python for C# developers:

(The presenter in the following video, nicely helps you map C# to Python, but does not seem to accurately capture Visual Studio’s Python support. I find Visual Studio better please refer to the YouTube video above in the Visual Studio section)


Hope that helps, may the source be with you!


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