Router Pairing

Router Paring Title
Router Paring Title

Hey Folks… are you? Have you ever heard about the concept of mobile pairing via bluetooth…??? I have an idea about the same concept about the w- fi routers. What if we pair the wi-fi device with the wi -fi home routers. The main concept behind this idea is to stop the hacking of the wi-fi networks and stop the piracy of the internet and thus we can avoid hacking of the networks.

The basic working can be viewed as the IOS that is the Operating System of the router generates the key for pairing with the wi-fi device that wants to pair with the router. The key generated by the router will be displayed on the screen of the wi-fi device for the time period of 20-30 seconds and the user has to enter that key displayed on the screen for pairing the device. The problem of a software automatically scanning the code and entering by itself remains as it is. So to avoid this problem the feature of captcha can be included in the same routers. The device that is once paired need not be asked about entering the code each and every time. The paired device can access the internet everytime when the router is on without any problems.

The device can easily be unpaired as per our requirement or due to some personal reasons.

The advantage is that basically all the illegal activities that are being carried out currently in the world can be stopped and that same amount of energy can be utilized in doing some positive work that can be beneficial to the world.

The disadvantage is that if the attacker somehow gets hold of the IOS and by altering the software in such a way that he gets hold of the code that is responsible for generating the pairing codes so he can deal with the entire network as per his like.

Give the feedback of the same and the feedback will be eagerly awaited and with an open heart.

Take Care, Enjoy

Yash Shah

Co-Editor, Wild Click



  1. Rian Smith says:

    A good thought but its not a new one. As its an old taughtolaugy, but it does not seem to be practical.


  2. Roshni Shrivastav says:

    But I couldn’t get exactly how can the Hacking be avoided with this concept ?


    1. thewildclick says:

      The hacking can be avoided as in normal routers till date the user enters security key while configuring the router on a computer/laptop. In my concept there will not be any such case in my technique as the user just has to re-enter the letters that are shown to him (captcha) and the IOS will be responsible for generating the letters that are displayed to the user.

      If you still have any doubt then mention your doubt very clearly and to the point and exactly..


    2. shashwat mehta says:

      but again the same thing(hacking) can be done after re enter the captcha. Isn’t it?


  3. Aarsh Talati says:

    @Shashwat Mehta : Possibly, but at least script will nto able to by pass it.


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