Before you quit & follow passion

Look for an opportunity, not a job. Plan your move before quitting your job and follow your passion. The lack of planning is where many fail. Let the current job help you with financial stability, explore your passion and make a career switch.

Windows Terminal: complete reference

Windows is the most popular PC Operating System in the world, and for good reason. Windows Terminal is one of the power-user-friendly features. Windows Terminal is a terminal interface for command-line tools and shells which allows limitless configuration for maximum productivity and endless customization. This post could easily be the only one on the internet which contains extensively curated information on Windows terminal yet, presented in a very lucid way.

How to communicate with an audience?

The uniform code of military justice specifies court-martial for any officer who sends a soldier into battle without a weapon. There should be similar coverage for technical professionals.

Install PySpark on Linux

This article is your complete end-to-end reference on how to install PySpark on Linux. I did not find anything as comprehensive, so I decided to write it up!

Up and running with PySpark on Windows

There already is a plethora of content on the internet on how to install PySpark on Windows. There are blogs, forums, docs one after another on Spark, PySpark, Anaconda; you name it, mainly focused on setting up just PySpark. But what if I want to use Anaconda or Jupyter Notebooks or do not wish to use Oracle JDK? This post picks up where most other content lack. In this post, I want to help you connect the dots and save a lot of time, agony, and frustration. Regardless, you are new to Windows, Spark/PySpark, or development in general.

This process is as easy as ABC!

Employer Handbook 0

Often, we have an employee handbook. We never have one for employers, though. In this article, I try to share a boiler plate employer handbook.